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"Cheesy Delight" quick meal

  • Fresh tomato flavour from sunny summer time 
  • Powerful Proteins for Sustained Energy and sataty
  • Quick, easy, rady <5 min
  • Protein rich
  • Source of fibre 


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Green buckwheat (37%), couscous, pea protein, sunflower oil, seasoning mix (7,5%) - salt, tomatoes, dextrose (maize), sugar, maltodextrin (maize, potatoes), starch syrup (maize), onion, garlic, flavorings, yeast extract, acidity regulator (malic acid, sodium acetate), anti-caking agent (calcium silicate, silica), spices (parsley, thyme, cinnamon (cassia), capsicum), spice extract (paprika)- yeast flakes, linseed, basil, cayenne pepper.

Nutrition per 100g: energy, 243ckal/1024kJ; fat 6,76g incl. saturated fat 0,49g; carbohydrate 28,18g incl. sugars 1,78g; fiber 3,8g; protein 15,57g; salt 1,47g. high in protein, source of fiber - consume with sufficient fluid (e.g. 1 glass of water).

How to use

(1) pour dry mixture into a bowl,

(2) add ~100ml hot water,

(3) stir for 30 seconds,

(4) leave for <5 min, enjoy until portion is set.

Use the finished product within 15 min. We recommend to use WISEMEAL up to 2 times a day in combination with fresh and wholesome food.


How to store

For quick and easy storage of WISEMEAL backup meals at home, office, car or bag, follow these tips:

  1. Find a cool, dry spot away from sunlight.
  2. Use labeled containers or a basket for easy access.
  3. Seal each packet tightly in ziplock bags or airtight containers.
  4. Rotate stock regularly to maintain freshness.

With these tips, you'll be ready for any time-crunched situation. WISEMEAL has Your back when it's needed. Stay prepared and wise!


Use before: WISEMEAL keeps its nutritional quality for up to 12 months and more, ready to nourish you whenever you need it.

Once opened, it remains fresh and enjoyable for a month.

With each blend, you unlock a fleeting yet potent gift of nourishment, best consumed within 30 minutes.



What’s inside?

Time Saver

WISEMEAL is a great food partner to avoid hunger "crisis" and keep energy throughout the day.

Popular flavours

Enjoy the simple, delightful blend of tangy tomato, savory onion, smooth cream, and rich cheese flavors.

Complete Nourishment

Packed with protein, essential fats, fibre, and not to forget vitamins & minerals - all you need to fuel your ambition

Easy to prepare

A full meal in a jiffy. Say goodbye to long shopping lists, cooking hassles, and a pile of dishes.

When every minute counts, WISEMEAL is your go-to healthy choice. And the cherry on top? It's natural, good for You and for the planet! When every minute counts, WISEMEAL is your go-to healthy choice. And the cherry on top? It's natural, good for You and for the planet!


#be Wise

How to prepare quick WISEMEAL?

Dont worry, its simple and quick.

Pour the dry product in a jar

Add 100+ml hot water

Stir for 30 sec., leave for <5 min.

Enjoy! Bon appetite!

Embark on a bold adventure with WISEMEAL

Imagine life on the go, whether it's a hectic workday, a spontaneous adventure, or a moment of mealtime uncertainty. WISEMEAL has got you covered with its blend of couscous, two types of vegan proteins, green buckwheat, and good fats. It's your passport to convenience without compromise.

Satiety and lightness, combined with bold flavors, propel those unafraid to chase their sporting and professional dreams. Join the fearless and let these qualities drive you toward your boldest goals.

there's more to love about WISEMEAL...

Delightful Taste

We've leveled up the game with a amped-up flavors. Enjoy nutrition that tastes great too!

Packed with Fibre

Our naturally fibre rich ingredients help to keep your digestive system happy and healthy.

Plant-Based Protein

Fuel your day with a surge of high-quality protein ingredients, offering sustained energy and satiety.

Pea protein

is a plant-based powerhouse, providing essential amino acids for muscle growth and recovery.

Green buckwheat

is rich in antioxidants and fiber, supporting heart health and digestive wellness.


offers a light, versatile grain packed with selenium for immune support and overall health.

Sunflower oil

high in vitamin E and healthy fats, promotes heart health and skin vitality.