7 Must-Know Facts About Nutri-Score on Food Packages

7 Must-Know Facts About Nutri-Score on Food Packages

Picture this: you're standing in the supermarket aisle, trying to decide which cereal to buy for breakfast. You want something that's both tasty and nutritious, but the endless array of choices is overwhelming. You try to read the nutrition labels, but they're packed with so much information that it's hard to tell which product is truly the healthier option. This is where Nutri-Score comes to the rescue! 🦸‍♂️

Nutri-Score is a front-of-pack nutrition labeling system that can help you make healthier food choices in a matter of seconds. To help you understand and utilize this handy tool, here are 7️⃣ essential facts about Nutri-Score on food packages:

1️⃣. The Nutri-Score system:

Nutri-Score is a color-coded and letter-based nutrition labeling system. It assigns a score from A to E, where A represents the healthiest option and E the least healthy one. The colors range from green (A) to red (E), making it easy for consumers to compare products at a glance 🚦.

2️⃣. How Nutri-Score is calculated:

Nutri-Score takes into account both the positive and negative aspects of a food's nutritional profile. Positive points are given for fruit, vegetable, fiber, and protein content, while negative points are assigned based on sugar, saturated fat, salt, and calorie content 📊.

3️⃣. Nutri-Score helps you make healthier choices:

The simple and intuitive Nutri-Score system empowers you to make healthier food choices with ease. For instance, when comparing two cereals, one with a Nutri-Score of A (green) and another with a Nutri-Score of D (orange), you can quickly identify that the first option is a healthier choice 🌾🥣.

4️⃣. Nutri-Score is voluntary for manufacturers:

While Nutri-Score is not mandatory, many food manufacturers and retailers have adopted it to help consumers make better-informed choices. Keep an eye out for the Nutri-Score label on your favorite products 🕵️‍♀️.

5️⃣. Examples of products with different Nutri-Scores:

  • Kellogg's Special K Original (Nutri-Score B, yellow) 🆚 Nestlé Fitness Original (Nutri-Score A, green)
  • Lay's Classic Potato Chips (Nutri-Score D, orange) 🆚 Popchips Sea Salt (Nutri-Score C, yellow)

6️⃣. Nutri-Score is not a substitute for a balanced diet: While Nutri-Score can help you make healthier choices, it's still essential to maintain a balanced diet with a variety of foods. Nutri-Score is just one tool to help you navigate the complex world of nutrition 🍽️.

7️⃣. Nutri-Score is gaining international recognition: Originally developed in France, Nutri-Score is now gaining popularity across Europe and beyond. This increased recognition makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their nutritional choices 🌍.

In conclusion, the Nutri-Score system is a valuable tool for making healthier food choices in a fast and easy way. By understanding how it works and incorporating it into your shopping routine, you'll be on your way to better nutrition and overall well-being.

One example of an 'A' Nutri-Score is the plant-rich Wise Meal dry complete powder mix. This nutritious product includes a variety of natural ingredients, providing a well-rounded source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. With its low saturated fat, sugar, and salt content, the Wise Meal not only supports a healthy diet but also contributes to its outstanding Nutri-Score. By choosing such plant-based, nutrient-dense meals, you can enjoy a satisfying and health-conscious dining experience.

Remember, a balanced diet is key to maintaining good health, and Nutri-Score can be a helpful tool to guide you in making better choices. So, next time you're grocery shopping, keep an eye out for those green 'A' Nutri-Score labels, and make your meals both tasty and healthy.


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