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Unveiling Soon: Wild Berries WISEMEAL

Ready to add a flavorful spin to your hustle-bustle days? Say hello to our limited edition Wild Berries WISEMEAL. This vibrant backup meal is your perfect ally when the clock is ticking but you can't compromise on your nutrition. A savory explosion of wild berries, waiting to delight your taste buds.

Power-Packed WISEMEAL: The Health Champion

Our Wild Berries WISEMEAL isn't just about exotic flavors, it's about superior nutrition too. Each serving delivers a hefty 20g of protein and 6g of fiber, coupled with the energy-boosting power of maca and adaptogens. Whether it's a busy weekday or a lazy Sunday, nourishing your body is always within reach.

Sneak Peek into the Berry Season

Our Wild Berries WISEMEAL is coming this July. A limited-edition culinary treat that promises to sprinkle your days with the vibrancy of wild berries. Be one of the first to sample this seasonal delight and step into a whole new world of flavorful nourishment.

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Price €19,95 EUR
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Sastāvdaļas: BIO sojas proteīns, auzas, BIO zaļie griķi, bietes, čia sēklas, fruktoze, plūmes, jāņogas, ceļteka. Var saturēt miežu daļiņas.

Uzturvērtība 100g produkta: enerģētiskā vērtība 343/1446 kJ, tauki 2,3g tostarp piesātinātās taukskābes 2,3g, ogļhidrāti 46g tostarp cukuri 23,7g, šķiedrvielas 16,6 g, olbaltumvielas 25,6g, sāls 0,2g.

🌱 100% dibīgi augu valsts produkti

🌾 Šķiedrvielu avots

🫘 Olbaltuvielu avots 

💚 līdz 60%  bioloģiskas sastāvdaļas 

🫐 Satur auksti saldētas ogas, dārzeņus

Samazināts cukura saturs 

Nesatur ģenētiski modificētus produktus 

    Produkta daudzums iepakojumā tehnoloģisku risku dēļ var atšķirties +/-2g robežās.


    How to use


    A heavenly rush of vitality is just moments away with WISEMEAL Cacao Power meal. In a heartbeat, mix it with pure water or a delightful plant milk of your choice. Stir... Shake... and voila! A nourishing feast at your fingertips - ready in under 60 seconds. Imagine the serene mornings, no rush, no stress, just you savouring every sip. Visualize the power you'll harness on gruelling workdays or whenever your schedule seems relentless.

    How to store

    For quick and easy storage of WISEMEAL backup meals at home, office, car or bag, follow these tips:

    1. Find a cool, dry spot away from sunlight.
    2. Use labeled containers or a basket for easy access.
    3. Seal each packet tightly in ziplock bags or airtight containers.
    4. Rotate stock regularly to maintain freshness.

    With these tips, you'll be ready for any time-crunched situation. WISEMEAL has Your back when it's needed. Stay prepared and wise!


    Use before: WISEMEAL keeps its nutritional quality for up to 12 months and more, ready to nourish you whenever you need it.

    Once opened, it remains fresh and enjoyable for a month.

    With each blend, you unlock a fleeting yet potent gift of nourishment, best consumed within 30 minutes.



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    How to use?

    • 1 Sauso maisījumu 30g (~3 ēd.karotes) apjomā ieber traukā, pievieno 🥛 200-400 ml (vēlams) augu valsts pienu, jogurtu
    • 2 Maisījumu enerģiski sakrati <1 min
    • 3 Baudi!

    there's more to love about WISEMEAL...

    20+ Vitamins and Minerals

    Perfectly balanced to give you all the 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

    Packed with Fibre

    Our naturally fibre rich ingredients help to keep your digestive system happy and healthy.

    Plant-Based Protein

    Get a whopping 20g of high-quality protein from entirely plant-based ingredients.

    Delightful Taste and Texture

    We've leveled up the game with a much smoother texture and amped-up flavors. Enjoy nutrition that tastes great too!

    Absolutely Zero Animal Products?

    You bet.

    Free Delivery?

    On us, with subscription plan or purchase more than 79 EUR.

    Up to 18-Month Shelf Life?

    That's right, it stays fresh for a whole year and more!

    Slow-Release Carbs?

    Yes, for sustained energy.


    Perfect for those with dairy intolerances.

    Natural Vitamin C?

    Indeed, for that immune boost.

    Palm Oil-Free?

    We're all about sustainable choices, we use high quality oils.



    Low Sugar

    With less than 2% fruit sugar, WISEMEAL only includes sweetness from natural sources.

    • Energy boost

      Imagine a meal that has everything your body needs to stay healthy. That's WISEMEAL for you. Even with just one serving, you get the right amount of energy and all the good stuff that keeps you going.

    • Tasty and Easy to Mix

      We get our flavors straight from nature, and trust us, it tastes fantastic! Plus, we've made it easier to mix up a meal. Just like making your favourite shake!

    • Healthy, Always

      With WISEMEAL, you're always eating healthy. It's all plant-based, doesn't have too much sugar, and is light on salt too.

    • Good Ingredients

      We pick ingredients that are good for you and good for the planet. Think of things like oats, peas, coconuts, and seeds.

    How to Use?

    Pour 30g (~3 tablespoons) of the dry mixture into a container, add 🥛 200-400 ml (preferably) plant-based milk, yogurt

    Shake the mixture vigorously <1 min