WISE story

Liena like any other new employee was exited about new duties and learnings at daily work, end up  living in the hustle and bustle of city life. She had been working hard for years to build her dream career, but with all the stress, she often found herself compromising on healthy food choices and lifestyle habits. Despite being surrounded by fast-food joints and takeaways, Liena wanted something better for her body - something nutritious that would fuel her ambition.

That's when she get exited about new product WISE meal – a revolutionary new way to get quality nutrition without wasting time shopping or preparing meals. And it wasn't just convenient; it was also affordable! The meals were tailored to different lifestyles so they could be enjoyed anywhere: from jungles in the Amazonian rainforest to steam rooms at saunas, skiing down snowy slopes in the French Alps or lounging on sunny beaches like Jurmala.

The more Liena used WISE meal, the more energy she had throughout each day. She felt nourished both mentally and physically which empowered her to work harder than ever before while still having enough energy left over for fun activities outside of work. With this newfound confidence and strength, Sophie began taking risks she never thought possible – from daring business investments to adventurous trips around the world – all thanks to WISE meal!
  • (1) COMPACKT 


    Use the shaker bottle or any other

    We encorige you to be brave and experiment with flovors by adding your favorite fruits, berries etc.

  • (3) ADD MILK & SHAKE

    Use from 200-400ml plant based milk and mix all ingridients with passion about 60 seconds and You are ready to go.


    Here is a

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  • SIA "WISE meal" noslēgts līgums ar LIAA par inkubācijas atbalsta saņemšanu ERAF projektā Nr. “Reģionālie biznesa inkubatori un Radošo industriju inkubators”.